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Foodism/Dining out in/at home

You want to entertain at home, maybe you have neither the time nor inclination to cook, or simply want to spend time with you guests. The solution is simple, “Eating out at home”, give me an idea of some of the things you like and dislike and I will do the rest. I will create a tailor made menu for you, I will purchase all the ingredients, I will come to your house and prepare and serve it, I will even do the washing up.

It can be a complex or as simple as you could wish to make it. Influences may be anything from rich Indian spiced biryani, fresh semi-flat breads with anchovies and capers, sockeye salmon rolled in oats with a hint of whisky, a selection of meze or tappas or an old family classic such as stampot or sheppard’s pie with a twist. What it will be is interesting, hassle free and hopefully unique but guaranteed to be created with passion.

I use, as far as possible only fresh, seasonal, ingredients from organic or environmentally friendly sources. I strongly support diversity and use local shops, traders and markets. As a result what I create tends to be generally quite healthy and full of flavours. Don’t worry, if the mood takes you I can make the food as self indulgent as you could possibly wish.

My inspiration for the dishes I create comes from many sources, my friends, my travels, the people I meet just wandering the streets and markets in strange and not so strange lands. I have a passion for new things and love even more the chance to share them. I tend not work from recipes, for me cooking is not a science but an art, a successful dish comes not from religiously following a set of instructions but from the heart. The ingredients that we use are natural products, like a wine they will vary from season to season, I combine them by taste not according to pre-defined recipes as a result every dish is unique. If you have enjoyed something as I am sure you will, I am proud to be asked to share what goes in with you, I am even prouder if you feel like having a try yourself.

I have added a few ideas of the sort of dishes I have prepared however with so many influences and ingredients to choose from it is better to just drop me a mail or give me a call and let’s see what we can create together.